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This is the unit-testing module for Module:Mult-translit.

All tests passed. (refresh)

Text Expected Actual Differs at Comments
testcases for tr function in Module:Mult-translit:
Passed 𑊀𑊖 at at
Passed 𑊛𑊌 pj pj
Passed 𑊥𑊣𑊠𑊖 slmt slmt
Passed 𑊦𑊤 hv hv
Passed 𑊈𑊕 ghṇ ghṇ
Passed 𑊟𑊁 bhi bhi
Passed 𑊐𑊄 ṭk ṭk
Passed 𑊊𑊘 cd cd
Passed 𑊋𑊝𑊢 chbr chbr
Passed 𑊚𑊗 nth nth
Passed 𑊢𑊃𑊔 reḍh reḍh
Passed 𑊆𑊌𑊏𑊅𑊓𑊜 gjñkhḏph gjñkhḏph
Passed 𑊒𑊂 ḍu ḍu

-- Unit tests for [[Module:Mult-translit]]. Refresh page to run tests

return require 'Module:transliteration module testcases'(
        { "𑊀𑊖", "at", "[[اتے]]" },
		{ "𑊛𑊌", "pj" },
        { "𑊥𑊣𑊠𑊖", "slmt" },
        { "𑊦𑊤", "hv" },
        { "𑊈𑊕", "ghṇ" },
        { "𑊟𑊁", "bhi" },
        { "𑊐𑊄", "ṭk" },
        { "𑊊𑊘", "cd" },
        { "𑊋𑊝𑊢", "chbr" },
        { "𑊚𑊗", "nth" },
        { "𑊢𑊃𑊔", "reḍh" },
        { "𑊆𑊌𑊏𑊅𑊓𑊜", "gjñkhḏph" },
        { "𑊒𑊂", "ḍu" },
	"Mult", "skr"