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Text-x-generic with pencil.svg This module needs documentation.
Please document this module by describing its purpose and usage on the documentation page.

local m_translit = require("Module:ko-translit")

local export = {}
local pos_functions = {}

local lang = require("Module:languages").getByCode("ko")

pos_functions["verbs"] = function(args, inflections, categories)
	-- infinitive(s)
	local hae = args["hae"]; if hae == "" then hae = nil end
	local hae2 = args["hae2"]; if hae2 == "" then hae2 = nil end
	local infinitives = {label = "infinitive"}
	if hae then table.insert(infinitives, hae) end
	if hae2 then table.insert(infinitives, hae2) end
	if #infinitives > 0 then table.insert(inflections, infinitives) end
	-- sequential
	local hani = args["hani"]; if hani == "" then hani = nil end
	if hani then table.insert(inflections, {label = "sequential", hani}) end

-- same as verbs above
pos_functions["adjectives"] = pos_functions["verbs"]

-- same as verbs above
pos_functions["suffixes"] = pos_functions["verbs"]

pos_functions["adjective forms"] = function(args, inflections, categories)
	local root = args["root"]; if root == "" then root = nil end
	local form = args["form"]; if form == "" then form = nil end
	if form and root then
		table.insert(inflections, {label = form .. " of", root})

pos_functions["verb forms"] = pos_functions["adjective forms"]

pos_functions["determiners"] = function(args, inflections, categories)
	local root = args["root"]; if root == "" then root = nil end

	if root then table.insert(inflections, {label = "determinative form of", root}) end

pos_functions["nouns"] = function(args, inflections, categories)
	local count = args["count"]; if count == "" then count = nil end
	if count == '-' then 
		table.insert(inflections, "uncountable")
	elseif count then
		table.insert(inflections, {label = "counter", count})

-- other parts of speech: nothing special is done for adverbs, interjections, suffixes

-- The main entry point.
-- This is the only function that can be invoked from a template.
	PAGENAME = mw.title.getCurrentTitle().text
	local args = frame:getParent().args
	local poscat = frame.args[1] or error("Part of speech has not been specified. Please pass parameter 1 to the module invocation.")
	local categories = {}
	local inflections = {}
	local transliterations = {}
	local hangeul_pattern = '[가-힣 ]' -- includes a space character too
	local hanja_pattern = '[一-鿌]'
	local head = args["head"]; if head == "" then head = nil end

	-- grammatical forms etc. for each respective part of speech
	if pos_functions[poscat] then
		pos_functions[poscat](args, inflections, categories)

	-- Different script forms
	local hangeul = args["hangeul"]; if hangeul == "" then hangeul = nil end
	local hanja = args["hanja"]; if hanja == "" then hanja = nil end
	-- Different romanizations
	-- revised romanization could be rv or rr 
	local rv = args["rv"] or args["rr"]; if rv == "" then rv = nil end
	local mr = args["mr"]; if mr == "" then mr = nil end
	local y = args["y"]; if y == "" then y = nil end
	-- >>> transliterations <<<
	-- if this entry is hangeul and no transliteration is provided, add auto transliteration
	-- if this entry is NOT hangeul and no translit is provided, add auto translit if there is hangeul 
	if mw.ustring.gsub(PAGENAME, hangeul_pattern, '') == "" and rv == nil then 
		rv = 
	elseif hangeul and rv == nil then 
		rv = end 
	if poscat == 'proper nouns' then
		rv = mw.ustring.upper(mw.ustring.sub(rv,1,1)) .. mw.ustring.sub(rv,2,-1)
	-- add -hada to the revised romanization for 하다 (hada)  verbs
	if poscat == "hada verbs" then 
		rv = rv .. "-hada" 
		head = PAGENAME .. " + 하다"	
	if rv then table.insert(transliterations, rv) end
	if mr then table.insert(transliterations, "McCune-Reischauer: " .. mr) end
	if y then table.insert(transliterations, "Yale: " .. y) end
	if hangeul then
		table.insert(inflections, {label = "hangeul", hangeul})
	if hanja then
		table.insert(inflections, {label = "hanja", hanja})
	-- categorize by part of speech
	if poscat == "hada verbs" then
		table.insert(categories, "Korean verbs")
		table.insert(categories, "Korean hada verbs")
	elseif poscat == "auxiliary verbs" then
		table.insert(categories, "Korean verbs")
		table.insert(categories, "Korean auxiliary verbs")
		table.insert(categories, "Korean " .. poscat)
	-- and categorize hanja terms
	if mw.ustring.match(PAGENAME, hanja_pattern) then
		table.insert(categories, "Korean Han characters")
		if poscat == "nouns" then 
			table.insert(categories, "Korean nouns in Han script") 
		elseif poscat == "proper nouns" then 
			table.insert(categories, "Korean proper nouns in Han script") 
	-- maintenance category for hanja terms without hangeul
	if mw.ustring.match(PAGENAME, hanja_pattern) and hangeul == nil then 
		table.insert(categories, "Korean hanja terms lacking hangeul") end
	return require("Module:headword").full_headword(lang, nil, head, table.concat(transliterations, ", "), nil, inflections, categories, hangeul)

return export