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American Sign Language[edit]


Illustrative of paging through a book.


  • This two-handed ASL sign is produced as follows:
    1. ASL OpenA@Palm-ThumbDown-FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp.jpg
      Posture the nondominant hand in the “flat B” handshape in front of the center of the chest, nondominant palm facing up. Posture the dominant hand in the “open A” handshape with the dominant hand at the palm of the nondominant hand, thumb of the dominant hand pointing down.
    2. ASL OpenA@NearPalm-ThumbDown-FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp.jpg
      Move the dominant hand in a repeated circle, each moving from the palm to the nondominant side, then up, then back to the dominant side, then down, contacting the nondominant palm each time.
GUH Hand LUH Hand LUH Move GUH Move GUH Hand LUH Hand
GUH Palm LUH Palm Second Second GUH Palm LUH Palm
GUH Position LUH Separation Third Third
open-A flat-B LUH Side-Up
ASL OpenA@Palm-ThumbDown-FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp.jpg
ASL OpenA@NearPalm-ThumbDown-FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp.jpg
Down Up
Touching on


ASL OpenA@Palm-ThumbDown-FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp.jpg (ASL gloss: PAGE)

  1. page


ASL OpenA@Palm-ThumbDown-FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp.jpg (ASL gloss: PAGE)

  1. to page through a book; to turn a the pages of a book