OpenB@Chin-PalmBack-OpenB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp OpenB@Palm-PalmUp-OpenB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp

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American Sign Language[edit]


(Alternative #1) Rewarding for speaking correctly hence the gesture for "You speak correctly, good!"

(Alternative #2) A gesture for warm air out of mouth which indicate that it's "good".

(Alternative #3) Affordable to buy food. Mouth for food to eat, hand downward for a gesture of holding a bag of money.

Look at each international sign language for the transformation of a word "Good".

French: "Bon" -

Spanish: "bueno" -

Ukrainian: "добро" -

Polish: "dobry" -


left-hand open-B palm-up right-hand open-B palm-in left-hand below from right-hand close to body in center of chin right-hand moves down while turning to
right-hand open-B palm-up left-hand touching below right-hand


ASL OpenB@Palm-PalmUp-OpenB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp.jpg (ASL gloss: GOOD)

  1. good
    1@CenterChesthigh@FingerForward B@Chin-PalmBack-B@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp B@Palm-PalmUp-B@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp FlatC@Forehead-FingerAcross FlatO@Forehead-FingerAcross
    PRO GOOD BOY. (“He is a good boy.”)


ASL OpenB@Palm-PalmUp-OpenB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp.jpg (ASL gloss: WELL)

  1. well