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This Proto-Turkic entry contains reconstructed words and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.



Akin to Proto-Mongolic *kökö-n (breast (female), nipple), Proto-Tungusic *xuku-n (breast (female)).

The ö sounds in Proto-Turkic and Proto-Mongolic are the u sounds in Proto-Tungusic: Proto-Turkic *köpürüg (bridge), Proto-Mongolic *köxerge (bridge), Proto-Tungusic *xupuru (bridge); Proto-Turkic *dölek (quiet), Proto-Mongolic *döligen (quiet), Proto-Tungusic *dulum (quiet); Proto-Turkic *öküŕ (ox), Proto-Mongolic *hüker (ox), Proto-Tungusic *pukur (cow); Proto-Turkic *kȫk (blue, green), Proto-Mongolic *köke (blue, green), Proto-Tungusic *kuku (blue); Proto-Turkic *ȫŕ (inside, the essential part), Proto-Mongolic *örü (inside, breast), Proto-Tungusic *uri (stomach, belly); Proto-Turkic *bögür (kidneys), Proto-Mongolic *böxere (kidneys; testicles), Proto-Tungusic *pugin (intestines, stomach)...



  1. breast
  2. middle of the back
  3. reason, sense, emotion

Derived terms[edit]


  • Oghur:
    • Chuvash: кӑгӑр (kăgăr)
  • Common Turkic:
  • Oghuz:
  • Karluk:
    • Karakhanid: [script needed] (kögüz)
      • Uzbek: koʻksi
      • Uyghur: [script needed] (köküs)
  • Kipchak:
    • West Kipchak:
      • Crimean Tatar: köküs
      • Karaim: [script needed] (kökis)
    • South Kipchak:
      • Kyrgyz-Kipchak:
        • Southern Altai: [script needed] (kögüs)
  • Siberian:
    • Old Uyghur: [script needed] (kögüz)
    • North Siberian:
      • Yakut: көҕүс (köğüs)
      • Dolgan: [script needed] (köksü)
    • South Siberian:
      • Yenisei Turkic:
        • Khakas: [script needed] (kögis)
        • Shor: [script needed] (kögüs)