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Call me an idiot or whatever, but I really don't understand this part in the Wikipedia article. I don't understand what the correct translation is of the word.

There has been much speculation about this name. Given the Greek translation that comes with it ('Sons of Thunder'), it seems that the first element of the name is 'bnê', 'sons of' (the plural of 'bar'), Aramaic (בני). This is represented by βοανη (boanê), giving two vowels in the first syllable where one would be sufficient. It could be inferred from this that the Greek transliteration may not be a good one. The second part of the name is often reckoned to be 'rğaš' ('tumult') Aramaic (רניש), or 'rğaz' ('anger') Aramaic (רנז). Maurice Casey, however, argues that it is a simple misreading of the word for thunder, 'r`am' (due to the similarity of s to the final m). This is supported by one Syriac translation of the name as 'bnay ra`mâ'. However, the Peshitta reads 'bnay rğešy'.

The Greek Sons of Thunder or the Aramaic/Syriac Sons of Commotion? Mallerd 13:08, 16 September 2007 (UTC)