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си-ныбжьэгъу - my nabzheg (a person that as old as me). уи-ныбжьэгъу - your babzheg (a person as old as you), ти-ныбжьэгъу - our nabzheg (a person as old as we), иныбжьэгъу - his nabzheg (a person as old as him), кӀалэм иныбжьэгъу - the boy's nabzheg (a person as old as the boy) (кӀалэм = boy (erg. case), си-ныбжьэгъухэр - my nabzhegs (the people as old as me).

Can someone explain this word in the entry?--Adamsa123 (talk) 09:04, 18 September 2012 (UTC)