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The Korean hanja are confirmed in the entry for 해금 at The National Institute the Korean Language's authoritative online dictionary, where the definition is:

해금02 (奚琴)「명」『음』 향악기에 속하는 찰현악기의 하나. 고려 예종 때에 중국 송나라에서 들어온 것으로, 속이 빈 둥근 나무에 짐승의 가죽을 메우고 긴 나무를 꽂아 줄을 활 모양으로 건 악기이다. ≒깡깡이.

Translated using Babelfish:

Haegeum 02 (haegeum) will belong in the life sound direction musical instrument and one of the stringed instruments which it will kick. At the time of consideration slavery with the fact that it comes in from the Chinese Song country, the inside Bin fills up the leather of the brute in the round tree and to insert the tree it is a case musical instrument with the bow shape. fiddle. 19:21, 13 December 2007 (UTC)