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Sources for foreign-language terms[edit]

Hello IP user --

I'm guessing you might be the same user as

Either way, I'm noticing a string of recent edits of yours that appear to be incorrect, as best I can tell. One example is 禍津日, which you've entered as meaning:

a philosophy in Shintoism; refers to the negative aspects of the 四魂 (しこん, shikon; lit. "four souls") within one's heart

Do you have any citation for this? I can't find anything about 禍津日 being a Shinto philosophy, but the word is listed right here in my Shogakukan Japanese dictionary as being the shorter name for the god 八十禍津日神 or Yasomagatsuhi-no-kami, the Japanese god of misfortune. Another dictionary I have states that 禍津日 is the common name for two gods, Yasomagatsuhi-no-kami and Ōmagatsuhi-no-kami, who together are the gods of misfortune. Moreover, the kanji in the short name literally mean bad harbor day, and in the long name eighty bad harbor day god. There's no mention of epidemic in either form, and the short form includes no mention of spirit.

This is quite a discrepancy. I have therefore completely rewritten the 禍津日 article.

Moreover, you've added links to the Japanese Wikipedia on a few pages, like 禍津日 and 直霊, where there is no such Japanese Wikipedia page. Please make sure the page exists before adding an interwiki link.

Your energy and enthusiasm in contributing to Wiktionary is a wonderful thing. In the interests of making sure your efforts are not wasted, however, please double-check your terms before going to all the trouble of adding them. Use multiple kinds of sources, like dictionaries and websites covering different kinds of materials. Do not rely just on manga or manga-related materials. Note that manga often use wildly inventive meanings and sometimes just plain make up words, so if you see it in a manga, please check elsewhere before assuming that the meaning used in the manga is the only one.

Kind regards, -- Eiríkr Útlendi | Tala við mig 19:15, 28 July 2011 (UTC)

Reverting you. Copied this section from the User_talk: page, since you don't seem to read things there.