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Kirwan.Irish surname

Irish Gaelic version

/         /                                    
O Ciardubhain/
( Tranlation)O = Son of. Ciar=comb Dubh.=Black Ain =one. So we have son of one black comb. It is one of the Surnames of the tribes of Galway, but has travelled to most parts of the English speaking world. and to France and Italy There is a stroke(/) over the first O and the A in the  name. This is known a Fada(/) and gives emphises to the letter. In some incensents the prefix 
/                         /

NI is used in place of the O in the gaelic version to denote ( Daughter of)

This is my own Translation of my name others may differ

Michael. J. Kirwan


My Gaeilge-English dictionary says this of "ciar":

  • ciar adj. (gsm. céir, gsf. & comp. céire, npl. ciara). (Of colour, complexion) Dark, swarthy. ~ dubh = ciardhubh.

So "dark black one"

Matthew V. Kerwin