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A strange feature is that words may be of gay slang or theatrical slang and not necessarily be palare. For example: beard is a woman accompanying a gay man, super is an extra in a play or a film - neither words are polaris.

Some common words in polaris are:

bona: good (from the Italian). eek: face. riah: hair (backslang). clobber: clothes, now in common usuage. palone: woman. omi: man. omipalone: homosexual, combination of omi and palone. donna: woman also, from the Italian. naph/naff: not very good, now in common British usuage. troll : walk (from stroll), used but not commonly. mince : effeminate walk, used but not commonly. A homosexual may be described as a mincer. Some Polari word derive from Occitan through Lingua franca: for example omi from òme (man), bijou from pichon (small, pronounced like pee-tchoo).