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Hi @CodeCat, I've been a bit shy of editing proto language entries because we have forms based on so many conflicting conventions. Is there a good reason to keep the Pokorny-derived IE root at *mey- (to strengthen) where it is? De Vaan and Kroonen both have the vowel as /o/ and De Vaan also puts an ambiguous laryngeal (H) in the beginning. We have only Italic derivatives, but there is also Sanskrit मिनोति (minoti, to fasten) in addition to the Germanic ones. What would you think if I wanted to move this form of the PIE entry to a different spelling?

Also, if the further etymology from Dutch looks reasonable, should I move it to the Dutch entry? I wanted to ask because I've never worked on Dutch here before. Thanks. Isomorphyc (talk) 15:07, 29 November 2016 (UTC)