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Hello , in french[edit]

, following our WP fr, an astroblème is not only the impact crater, but an extended structure which includes also the alterations of the soil deep layers, & the ejecta sent far away around.

As for the origin of the word, our Wiktionnaire says too that it is a neologism invented in 1963 by R.S. Dietz ( cf : R. S. Dietz, Astroblemes: Ancient Meteorite-Impact Structures on the Earth, The Moon Meteorites and Comets, Edited by Gerard P. Kuiper, and Barbarra Middlehurts. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1963, p.285)

Anyway, translations of the word exist, at least in fr, es & it ( & certainly too in german, russian , finnish, catalano, & etc...) , so why send back to impact crater ? ...T.y. Arapaima 08:44, 28 November 2010 (UTC)