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I had already done Axis of evil (lower case 'e') when someone else created this file. Lower case seems to be in regular use. Axis of evil was on the "request" list. Can we get rid of this one and use mine. thanks Dmol.

.............................. Removed the following text:

Aside from the laughing silly Bushism monkier use of this phrase to describe any one he isn't getting along with today. This phrase was sometimes used by pro-war Americans to pigeonhole the beliefs of more freely thinking people. A typical conversation leading upto the Iraqi invasion would follow; "Did you hear about those 15 protesters gunned down by US troops?" - "Yeh, Yeh, America is the 'Axis of Evil', we should just go over and appologize." Another variation of this that I have heard of this use is "Focus of all Evil".

Not a definition, not objective, and full of typos and grammatical errors to boot... Paul G 15:02, 15 Dec 2003 (UTC)