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English pronunciation[edit]

I've revered the change of the English pronunciation from:


The reason is that the pronunciation I entered (/ˈbæl.eɪ/) is English not American (it may also be American - I do not know). Regarding /a/ vs /æ/, although the former might reflect modern UK pronunciation more than the latter (whether it does or does not is not relevant here), the pronunciation keys on Wikipedia (which the IPA template links to) and Wiktionary both use /æ/ (although the former does give /a/ for Scottish and Welsh accents/dialects), and so we must use /æ/ in our entries. If you wish to change this, then you should start a discussion on a policy page (or the talk page of the pronunciation chart(s) and link to it from a policy page). Thryduulf 11:34, 14 August 2008 (UTC)