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Etymology of "blivit"[edit]

Could not "blivit" come from the end of the french phrase : "On l'ouBLIE VITE" ( = "Let's forGET IT QUICK"... i.e. : "it was such a nonsense, let's forget it quickly..."). Why not relate it with the immediate aftermath of what happened not unfrequently (and here everybody knows about it) , in France in 1917-18 and 1944-45 : french males were away at war or in prisoners camps, and french females often offered some "plonk" (= "vin blanc") to thirsty Tommies, Sammies, GIs or Aussies, not counting Sikhs and Gurkas (cf Ernst Jûnger W.W.I memories)... ? But "ce n'est qu'une élucubration, on l'oublie vite !" (its a blivit, let's forget it !)... T.y. Arapaima 09:32, 9 December 2009 (UTC)