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this is not what cake-eater means.

cake-eater is a term used to describe suburban spoiled and or rich kids as opposed to the poorer neighbooring suburbs or city kids.

From either "Let them eat cake" or everyone else just eats cake on their birthday, but these fucking cake-eaters eat it for breakfast.

True definition[edit]

A cake-eater is a rich person who gets their job or assignment because of their family's status not personal drive or knowledge. Typically they do a piss poor job but never get fired or demoted because of their stature, even though more qualifed people could do better.

I always was told that these were usually people of German or English descents. Certainly not Italian. Lol. An example was a wedding where Italians would serve many types of ethnic foods in contrast to cake eaters who would only serve light appetizers and - cake.

Grew up in Little Italy in Sudbury Ontario Canada , sub division called Gatchell , Italians were very , very nice , with of course the exceptions , which were very NASTY . These were the ones preying on the general public , criminals . These Italians were usually WORSE than the supposed Cakers , drunks , thieves , rapists and WORSE . The only time I heard anything derogatory was from the children of those lower than the low and they spouted their parents credo about everything the criminal element found unsavoury about their new country . Not the best Citizens , some of the most disgusting human beings I have met in my 70 years .