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I'm pretty sure this is just Mexican slang. Would it be understood in Spain? In Argentina? In Guatemala? And would it be used in any of those places? In my time in Mexico I only heard this word in the song "Mas vale cholo que mal acompanado" by "Molotov" and was told by a Mexican that it was specifically a type of slang from the California-Tijuana border area.

Can anybody clarify this? —

Yea, I'm not sure what language Molotov speaks. I've never heard this word, so I can't be much help. doesn't even have the word. They do have mestizo and one of its English translations is mestizo (ha!). I think I might of heard mestizo in the context of the Spanish imperalism in high school, I think its a fairly standard word, theres a one of wikipedia's huge articles on it w:mestizo. --Eean 23:49, 25 Nov 2004 (UTC)

all he is saying is that it would look better walking with a cholo(gangster) then to walk with some one he doesnt like.
thats why he says mal acompanado Nakir

well actuallly comming from Mexican heritage I know for a fact that "cholo" is spanish lingo/slang for "gangster" and the above quote from Molotov is actually; "mas vale solo que mal acompanado" and it basically means its better to be alone then with bad company in english it doesn't make a lot of sence but an equivalent to this in english would be the phrase; "Who needs enemies when you got friends like that" and thats as close as the defenition gets.

There are quite a few things I feel I should clarify about this discussion. I am Mexican myself, born and raised, so I know quite a lot about Mexican culture and language. First of all, I don't think the word would be understood in other spanish-speaking countries but a few from Central America (and Mexico, of course), its mainstream meaning is a person who belongs to a gang, but really is now used to describe mostly any type of gangster-looking person be it true or not. Second, the song's name is only "Más Vale Cholo" from Mexican rock band "Molotov", and no, the actual quote is not "Mas vale solo..." it is "Cholo", and the meaning of the song is not so shallow as to imply "it would look better walking with a cholo(gangster) then to walk with some one he doesnt like." as the previous user made the mistake of thinking, the song's meaning goes more about "narcos" and stuff like that. Mike382 06:00, 27 December 2011 (UTC)