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I have removed the old pronunciation 'kɔmpəni because I think it was in error. (Even if there were a pronunciation with short "o", ɔ would not be the usual IPA transcription for English - an upside-down a would be.) I apologize if the ɔ was for some reason intentional. Amatlexico

Thanks for correcting the IPA transcriptions. I have been adding a lot of them while I was trying to learn what the IPA symbols stand for. My mother language isn't English, though, so I am not an expert at all. I thought, since it is a wiki, the errors I may have made will be ironed out anyway.Polyglot 21:10, 25 Nov 2003 (UTC)

I've split the existing definition into two and added two more. The translations are probably wrong for the last two definitions. -- Ortonmc 19:12, 25 Nov 2003 (UTC)

That was a very good and necessary thing to do. I adapted the translations as good as I could.Polyglot 21:10, 25 Nov 2003 (UTC)

Comapny vs. corporation[edit]

As Wikipedia correctly points out at company, there is no "strictly legal meaning" for the word. When used in a legal context, it is generally understood to be a synonym for "corporation" or "incorporated entity". However, in a more general, colloquial sense is is often used as a synonym for "business" without the legal connotation of incorporation (thus including sole proprietorships, and other types of business). As such, I'm going to add one more definition and slightly alter the first, in order to reflect the difference between legal and common usage (for common usage examples, simply peruse any online news source, searching for "company"). -Harmil 20:30, 19 July 2006 (UTC)