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The term *korialaref (korial + -a- + ref) has to be a wrong translation for "coral reef" even though I originally found this word in Ralph Midgley's Volapük-English Dictionary [1] and added it to the English-language Wiktionary some time ago. In Volapük the words ref "reef" refön "to reef" are sailing terms. Cf. the parallel terms: Volapük: klifakliped = German: Felsenriff = English: rocky reef; German: Korallenriff, Korallenbank = English: coral reef; Volapük: ref = German Reff = English: reef (sailing term); Volapük: refön = German reffen = English: to reef (sailing term); Volapük: kliped = German: Riff = English: [rock] reef; Volapük: sabanedibäd = German: Sandbank = English: sandbank; Volapük: nedibäd = English: shallows. (You will find many of the above terms on this Volapük-German webpage. [2]) Hans-Friedrich Tamke (talk) 23:12, 13 May 2012 (UTC)