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what is the specific word again for that class of adjectives that do not go alone/in de pendently, like the one in"it is green." but obligatorily need to be followed by a noun? Should that specific term be used?

My Longman dictionary spells out "old-fashioned" which I replaced by "88 dated", is that's all right? (I am a bit confused as I heard/read discussions about the finer distinctions whith obsolete and such, so I rather ask.

I substitute d "kind" by "sort" in the definition provided by my dictionary and couldn't think of other ways to change it. since this axplanetary definition is pretty simple and straightforward --did I do enof to evade copyright violation?

I am also not so sure whether I should use "context|" as I actuallydid in this definition.

I rather ask here, since I have a bit of a problem: sign One. With reading through ol therelevant sections brought to my attention in the dictionary documentation (I read 'm intensively and getphysically tired after a whileTwo. on my own devices. I hardly ever find the relevant sections -- the heard life of the/a newcomer (and of established users dealing with them.] Blushing smiley--史凡 08:41, 15 March 2009 (UTC)