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Earliest uses on Usenet via Google Groups:

  • mc'd: - 30 Apr 1982 by whuxlb
    Only rabbit!xchar bothered to answer my query about who played Superman on the radio, and what quiz show he later mc'd, and he got it half right...
  • MC's (noun plural): net.sf-lovers - 28 Nov 1983 by Chuq Von Rospach
    No offense to costume MC's, but this was a nicer way to keep the masses quiet.
  • emcees (noun): - 20 Mar 1984 by Chuq Von Rospach
    The recording was made at the Grenwich Village theater that is the home of the RHPS fan club, and Sal <last name forgotten>, founder and president of the RHPSFC emcees (well, kind of).
  • emcee (noun): net.jokes - 15 Apr 1984 by Michael Regoli
    One of the networks was looking for an emcee to host a new game show called GROSS OUT.
  • emceed: net.chess - 10 Oct 1984 by James A. Woods
    Mike Valvo and Danny Kopec emceed the fourth round, and several other masters were in attendance, including former World Juniors champ Julio Kaplan.
  • emcee (verb): net.startrek - 8 Mar 1985 by Eugene T. Levine
    Tonight Fri Mar 8, 1985 at Capital University James Doohan will emcee a program that includes a 'full' Star Trek episode (unknown title) and a reel of bloopers.
  • mc's (noun possessive): mod.mag.otherrealms - 30 Oct 1986 by Chuq Von Rospach; Lord of the OtherRealms
    Her fist went through the mc's face.
  • MCing: comp.sys.amiga - 24 Oct 1989 by Ali T. Ozer
    Leo Schwab, for MCing
  • MC'ing: - 11 Aug 1990 by BBS Administration
    I think the DJ you're talking about was one of "Kevin & The Bean" since that was the guy who did the MC'ing on Sunday.
  • emceeing (list context): rec.humor.d - 19 Aug 1990 by Bill Kinnersley
    ... eiffel eight eighteen eighteenth eighth eighty einsteinium either emceeing epeeist eyeing fahrenheit farseeing featherweight feign feint feisty ...
  • emcee'ing: soc.motss - 29 Oct 1990 by jeff bowles
    All I know is that when Ian McKellen was emcee'ing a gay chorus concert in London in 1988, he was shamelessly flirting on-stage with the sign language interpreter.
  • MC-ing: rec.arts.animation - 5 Nov 1990 by TRAINOR, WL
    I was joking with a Soviet animator I was hanging out with about the French translations of the English MC-ing..
  • Emcee's: sci.electronics - 6 Dec 1990 by Mark G. Johnson
    The Emcee's button is used to reset the circuit (shutting off the LED's) and its output is "MASTERclear".
  • rec.humor - 13 Jun 1991 by Chris Ewing
    I am going to be a wedding soon and the groom and bride are both environmental fanatics (no flames pls.).
  • - 31 Oct 1991 by etamuzs1
    Dave Kendall of MTV 120 mins fame made a fool of himself the whole shindig (he appears to be very good at that).
  • emcees (verb): - 11 May 1992 by Eddie the 'ead
    Murphy emcees a roast of Jim for his 25th anniversary with the network.
  • mc'ing: - 30 Oct 1992 by Doug Peckler
    Orin Keepnews (sp?) did a great job of mc'ing.
  • co-emceeing: alt.politics.homosexuality - 2 Nov 1992 by maire
    A friend of mine will be co-emceeing a gathering of LGB voters tomorrow night at Club Cafe in Boston.
  • mc-ing: - 19 Jan 1993 by harold feld
    On the other hand, I found out during the concert that I don't like mc-ing and have no talent for it (perhaps there is a connection?)
  • emcee'd: - 19 Feb 1993 by Lori Iannamico
    Howe emcee'd the Penguins wives' first (and now annual) Casino Night for Charity.