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Fashionista, is not only for creating a fashion trend, but to be a trendsetter in everything related in life, and everything we do to stand out from the crowd, to concider yourself different, more like a leader then a follower. Making your own rules of your life.

If above line is a quotation, it needs attribution; if not it needs deletion.

Query whether the term is intended to have (or now has) a somewhat derogatory connotation. Derivation by analogy to "Sandinista" could well have been intended to suggest an authoritarian attitude, i.e. dictating fashion, rather than experimenting with it, or to suggest that followers of dictated fashion are not thinking for themselves, but following their "leaders" -- and expecting others to fall in line.

before 1993?[edit]

This [1] appears to be a citation from 1983. Unfortunately Google Books doesn't provide decent citations or dates for periodicals, so it would have to be tracked down. Robert Ullmann 17:42, 9 July 2009 (UTC)