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Some ghits found while explaining that no, this is not a misspelling:

  • Calculations stipulate the frictive or delaying force that hampers the motion of the projectile.
  • These measurements monitor the frictive drag force
  • Enhanced frictive, adhesive and attractive forces imaged at etch-pit edges on highly-oriented pyrolytic graphite by scanning force microscopy
  • The present invention relates to a method and frictive fluid composition for application to a shoelace knot
  • it provides a simple and rugged method of transmitting torque continuously across a wide range of varying transmission ratios while suffering minimal frictive losses and wear.
  • it is desirable to protect pristine glass surfaces from frictive damage
  • frictive phoneme follows another frictive phoneme with. slightly different characteristics (finally, a real typo)
  • High temperature frictive damage; glass strengthening; surface tensioning/viscosity
  • the disposition of tin oxide onto glass surfaces and the function of tin oxide when overcoated with polyethylene in minimizing glass frictive damage
  • This affricate and its voiceless counterpart (as in chew /t$uu/) he represented as in IPA with a stop plus a palato-aveloar frictive (another typo)
  • The wall velocity is friction limited, but determining the strength of frictive effects involves determining the nonequilibrium populations