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Greyscale is the English spelling. Grayscale is the American (US) English (a separate language) spelling. I know this tends to be a US centred site but right is right - the languages are recognised as individual by linguists, so you should list alternative spellings and spellings according to the appropriate language. So, in this case as in many others, Grayscale is the US English (a language)spelling - NOT English; greyscale is the English (another separate language which IS known by that name, and which predates US English by many centuries, and which is used internationally - not just by UK/Canada)spelling.

It's the same language with regional varieties (like Serbo-Croatian, Hindustani, European/South-American Portuguese and Spanish, Germany/Austria/Swiss German...). This is not a US-centered site, and equal prominence is given to all of the variant spellings. It's just that we use these kind of soft redirects for variant spellings not to duplicate too much of content, simply in order to reduce redundant maintenance effort (due to the deficiencies of software running this website). --Ivan Štambuk 07:57, 8 October 2009 (UTC)