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From the surname Hick[edit]

The pejorative "hick" comes from the surname Hick which was a common surname in West Virginia in the 18th century. The likely reason for the pejorative meaning is the relationship between Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Originally (1700-1775) Western Pennsylvania was part of Virginia and was settled from Virginia. Consequently there were many farmers, especially in Southwest Pennsylvania named "Hick" who had originally come from West Virginia. Later on (1776-1850) when large-scale immigration occurred mostly from New Jersey and New York more urbane farmers and city dwellers settled the area. These settlers were richer and more educated but in many cases occupied the same towns and schools as the older West Virginia farmers who the newcomers began to refer to as "hicks". —This unsigned comment was added by John Chamberlain (talkcontribs) at 19:10, 16 October 2008.