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"Knifepoint" vs "gunpoint"[edit]

I looked up "at gunpoint" just to see what the definition was for the term. This led me to related terms, "at knifepoint."

"At knifepoint" offers its definition and the related term "at gunpoint" to complete the circuit.

"At gunpoint" also leads into "gunpoint", which offers two definitions and links to related terms "knifepoint and derived terms "at gunpoint."

However, "knifepoint offers no second definition and no related term "gunpoint" or derived term "at knifepoint."

Should knifepoint not have a second definition similar to that found in gunpoint?

"2. Threat or coercion by display or aiming a firearm or similar weapon."

Such as the following #2 and two subsequent headings:

2. Threat or coercion by display or pointing a knife or similar bladed weapon.

Derived terms[edit]

at knifepoint

Related terms[edit]


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