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Criteria for inclusion[edit]

I am unsure whether the entry merits inclusion. I have provided some citations to back the use of the term, but most seem to refer to Strachey, who could have been the first to use the term.

My motivation for researching the entry was that there could be a mathematical semantics as a branch of mathematical linguistics, apart from computer science. Research in Google books shows there are some more uses of the term, such as the one in the quotation "... philosophers because reference to such worlds figured so prominently in the mathematical semantics of modal logic — a kind of semantics that appeared to ..." (g.b.c.).

I hope the term is not SoP for those who are to judge the entry; I for one do not know what the term means without being given a definition. --Daniel Polansky 14:10, 1 July 2008 (UTC)