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I was first introduced to the word metanoia in the book The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge. In it, he explains that it has Greek etymology from the root meta (super or above) and noia from "nous" the Greek for "mind" thus more of an intuition that is above the normal mind-state. Interestingly, John the Baptist (most likely a Gnostic) may have been calling for us to be in Union with the God-mind (our higher intuition) rather than the more typical interpretation of "repentence" or shame/guilt.


Meta (as opposite of para) iquals, to me as found on big Webster one day, inside of, within.

Noia derivative of nous greek for MIND and as by Rosicrucian teachings Divine MIND.

So it's said that metanoia is the state of being INSIDE OF DIVINE MIND being the state of bliss that one could achive by knowing that one never really left the Mind of All that only by PARANOIA ( outside of divine Mind) one could do it by, thinking of negative states and believing on them as reality. It is the state that justifies war and all the absurdities that the human race is about to suffocate under.

Through Paranoia we are creating the reality that is only human.