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Hello, in french[edit]

  • 1/ Sails : our sailors compared masts to trees & upper fair-weather sails to tropical bird's fluttering wings...On the fore-masts, « cacatois » (cackatooes) where above « perroquets » (parrots) , while on the mizen-mast , the mizen gallant sail was a « perruche » (budgerigar).

While « studding sails » (light removable fair-weather sails, somewhat lower, added sideways to the ship's yard-arms) are our« bonnettes ».

  • 2/ smugglers : hereabout, former poverty (before tourism and « white gold » , the snow resorts...) and nearness to Italy & Switzerland had made smuggling a local speciality, but « de lune » ( « got under moon light ») was rather applied to potatoes, fire-wood, vegetables or fruit coming from a negligent neighbour's, where those precious supplies were anyway going to rot away without profit for anybody, or, even worse, were bound to be stolen by some foreigner...
  • 3/ Woolgatherer ( cf Webster's 3rd Inter. Dic. ,II/III, p. 1467): we have of course our widely used from school-time « être dans la lune » (« to be in the moon ») , from where (in my youth) you were called back by a smart little blow on the head by the school-teacher ruler... »Mais ne nous attardons pas sur ces vieilles lunes... » (But let's not dwell upon those old moons... »)

And for the Spanish, given as usual to extreme contextualizing ,

  • « juanete » (top sail) means also a prominent cheek-bone, or a bunion....
  • while « perico » (moonraker sail) means : a budgerigar, a big fan, a toupet, a sloth (all of which may be associated with light breeze or lofty positions) - but also «scrambled » (« huevos pericos ») , and « piss-pot »... T.y. Arapaima 10:20, 5 March 2010 (UTC)
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