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Here is an actual sentence from a Russian student studying English. " My actual problem is, that I understand nearly everything that is written or spoken but my own speaking or writing is on hurrible niveau." I suggest putting example sentences in here. In this case, the word is used in an English speaking context. Adding example sentences can help learners know how a word has actually been used, as opposed to hypothetical use. Here, it is a noun with a preceded adjective, albeit mis-spelled. It took a while for me to gather the knowledge that niveau means level in English. The speaker knew which word he/she wanted to use, unfortunately, I was not familiar with the word. The sentence provided is from a university online MA TESOL course. I would make a place headed, MEANING or ACTUAL USE. Sentences can be found in corpus dictionaries as well. I'm Jeffrey. At this time, I am not changing the well laid out page. ( 01:08, 30 August 2011 (UTC))