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  • Time: 2004-02-16T06:17:13Z - By: w:User:Matt gies - Comment: I wrote and submitted this to TOTSE but they never posted it. It's not quite wiki-style but it's public domain...
  • Time: 2004-02-16T06:32:05Z - By: w:User:Matt gies - Comment: intox. link
  • Time: 2004-02-16T09:40:35Z - By: w:User:Orthogonal - Comment: Make text stiffer and more "square", dude. Removed extraneous advice on where to purchase and how to use as un-Wiki-like drug advocacy
  • Time: 2004-02-16T09:41:13Z - By: w:User:Orthogonal - Comment: Spelled demon weed wrong
  • Time: 2004-02-16T09:41:53Z - By: w:User:Orthogonal - Comment: Crap, I'm spelling like aI'm a pot-head -- which I'm not.
  • Time: 2004-09-02T23:25:54Z - By: w:User: - Comment: linked definiton of "roach" has nothing to do with the type of roach being discussed here, further, the page is already about roach clips
  • Time: 2004-11-10T22:31:39Z - By: w:User:Minority Report - Comment: {{move to wiktionary}}
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  • Time: 2005-03-14T17:20:32Z - By: w:User:Avriette - Comment: readd move to wiktionary template