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Left this at Wikipedia: relevant here too.[edit]

I wrote the following over at Wikipedia, and it generally refers to the Wikipedia entry for stew. However, it's also rather apposite here.

Odd that there's no disambiguation page for "Stew" - sometimes "stewe" - as it can also mean (archaically meant) a tavern, an bathhouse or sometimes even a brothel. Try here: and note the usage of the word. Or here: / where it is also referenced. There are even books, e.g. - Bernard Mandeville's " "A Modest Defence of Publick Stews": Prostitution and Its Discontents in Early Georgian England" ( ) where the concept of a "public stew" is covered. The "stew" is mentioned in "Measure for Measure" ( for those Wikipedians that only believe something exists if it's mentioned here), and this is discussed here: , where there's even some kind of dictionary definition: Stew 1. A heated room used for hot air or vapour baths: hence, a hot bath. A brothel (Developed from sense 1, on account of the frequent use of the public hot baths for immoral purposes.) Hist. late ME (sing. and pl.) A bawd or prostitute - 1650. [Shorter OED]. This other definition of "stew" is, surprise surprise, not here > either. I guess it's not really that odd that this is not mentioned in Wikipedia, as it is often so unreliable (and has such a heavy American bias) round here that often the only response I can muster to the site is general hilarity. Cheers! 23:23, 4 March 2008 (UTC)


Well, isn't it /stjuː/ in RP? RP is British English, isn't it. And if it is I think I should be right (after 7 years' studies :P). Thank you n sorry if i wasnt right. --Ferike333 20:23, 27 March 2009 (UTC)