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Verb in addition to noun[edit]

I have seen this used like a verb as well, to describe the implementation of the fallacy. "Strawmanning" more often than "straw manning" (using the spaceless strawman alternate). Could be in the context "I am going to straw man her argument" for example. I am wondering what kind of references are required to support this usage. For example this page says "It's worth noting that 'straw manning' often takes place on both sides of charged debates like the one concerning abortion." .. "'Strawmanning' your opponent can be an effective strategy in an argument" .. "Strawmanning your opponent is bad." it's been up on UD since 2011. It's a natural enough extension, we've seen it happen with Google>Googling and there are many cases where noun/verb coexist (going for a run, vs I'm running). Etym (talk) 17:46, 5 September 2013 (UTC)