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  1. (N. England) to bear
    she couldn't thoil to part with her possessions

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  • [1920?] 2004, Dave Russell, Looking North [1]
    Them fowk i’ London can’t thoil [abide] t’idee of a metropolis i’ t’ North, an’ its pairt o’ t’ game to play of one agean another an’ keep us all dahn as long as they can.
  • 2003, Alan Bennett, Writing Home [2]
    There’s a handy Yorkshire expression ‘to thoil,’ a tight little parcel of a verb meaning to be able to afford an object, but to feel guilty spending the money on it. ‘I don’t dislike that candlewick bedspread,’ a Leeds woman might say, ‘but I couldn’t thoil to pay that price.’

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