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Why is this in Esperanto!?!? -fonzy

Because is a fundamental definition for esperanto wikipedia. In Esperanto wikipedia it´s offtopic. And sometimes, one need make a link to the definition of word in Esperanto.

But it does nto belong here, thsi shuld be moved to the Esperanto Wiktionary when its created. This entry should be in English like all entries in the ENglish Wikipedia. -fonzy

For this one is creating the eo_letter indexes. Upto them, we have to live together.-Mac

It still does not belong here. -fonzy

I ( and more people ) want vote about create now language wiktionaries ;)

yes this belongs on http://wiktionary/eo/(when it gets made) -fonzy

Perhaps, ( following the wikipedia modell). I think we agree in some things. I will remain the pages in Esperanto ( later, you can convert to the Esperanto wiktionary easily and automatically, because they begins with [[Esperanto]]. too. R
And I can continue translating words from Esperanto to english in the index [[eo_letter_index]] pages. This is important for translationary ( translation dictionary) project egards ;) - Mac.

I have no idea what on your about sorry. This Is The English Wiktinary! All words of any langauge are allowed but they are described in English. And wikipedia will eventually look like: too so its all on one database and your loged into too all langauges. - fonzy

I have no idea what on your about means, because it´s not in my natural language. Sorry.