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etymology of yew in wiktionary is meaningless and ridiculous. Yule and yew derive from Ukrainian yalycya i.e. spruce

Does anyone knows what is the prounanciation and etymology of yew in Japaneese and or "Chineese" and to which language wikiditionary's Chineese refers to?

Dutch translation[edit]

Something is wrong with the translation "venijnboom". When I look in the Dutch wikipedia, the venijnboom is part of the taxus family. When I look in the English wikipedia, taxus is a genus of yews. Hence, I think venijnboom is too specific a translation. Also I never heard the word before and it is not present in the online Van Dale dictionary or in Het Groene Boekje ([]). I would suggest the translation "taxus".

Also I doubt "ijf" (mentioned in the etymology) is really present-day Dutch. It is neither present in Van Dale or in Het Groene Boekje and I never heard it.

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