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This template is ideally supposed to generate a definition line for Braille script characters of any language. As of now, it is fully programmed to be used for Japanese braille.


This template should be added to all applicable Braille symbol entries.

As with other Wiktionary definition line templates, please do not use subst:.

Japanese Braille[edit]

Note: The categorization of Japanese syllables in Braille script is supposed to be a task of {{ja-syllable}}, not of this template.


All are positional (unnamed) parameters:

  • |1= Simply the text Jpan, which is the code of Japanese script.
  • |2= The current syllable in hiragana.
  • |3= The current syllable in katakana.
  • |4= The current syllable romanized.


# {{Brai-def|Jpan|あ|ア|a}}
# {{Brai-def|Jpan|か|カ|ka}}