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"R:FVDP" in Hồ Ngọc Đức, Free Vietnamese Dictionary Project (details)

This template may be used in "References" sections and on talk pages to cite Hồ Ngọc Đức, editors (1997–2004) Free Vietnamese Dictionary Project[1], Leipzig University, also known as FVDP.


  • |1= – the name of the entry in FVDP. If this parameter is not stated, the name of the Wiktionary entry is used.
  • |db= – one of the following two-letter codes indicating the database within FVDP that contains the entry. If this parameter is not stated, |db=vv is used.
    • |db=ev – English–Vietnamese
    • |db=ve – Vietnamese–English
    • |db=fv – French–Vietnamese
    • |db=vf – Vietnamese–French
    • |db=dv – German–Vietnamese
    • |db=vd – Vietnamese–German
    • |db=vv – Vietnamese–Vietnamese
    • |db=nv – Norwegian–Vietnamese
    • |db=rv – Russian–Vietnamese (links to a downloadable ZIP file in DICT format)