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search R:Rikstermbanken in Rikstermbanken

Use {{R:Rikstermbanken|143214}} to link to an entry by number in Rikstermbanken, Sweden's national terminology database.

An optional parameter text= provides a link text to be displayed, instead of the PAGENAME.

If the term number (the first, unnamed parameter) is left out, the template instead links to a simple text search. If the search term (text= paramter or PAGENAME) contains åäö or accented letters (àé), the website expects ISO 8859-1 in the URL encoding, which the parser function urlencode doesn't support. To compensate this, supply a parameter search= where å = %e5, ä = %e4, ö = %f6, à = %e0, é = %e9, e.g. {{R:Rikstermabnken|text=skjutmått|search=skjutm%e5tt}}