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R:Roget 1911” in Roget's Thesaurus, T. Y. Crowell Co., 1911.

Provides a link to one or more entries in the online Roget's Thesaurus. The current iteration of this template links to the copy of the thesaurus on Project Gutenberg.


{{R:Roget 1911}}
{{R:Roget 1911|headword|number}}


  • headword (unnamed): The search term for the thesaurus, either a word or a phrase. (First, unnamed parameter. If not entered, the name of the page will automatically be used instead.)
  • number (or second unnamed parameter): If entered will show the entry number before the term as part of the link and provide a direct link to the hyperlinked version of the thesaurus. Note that, due to the way Project Gutenberg handles incoming links, the first time the link is clicked it will be redirected to the general landing page for Roget's Thesaurus rather than the hyperlinked version. Subsequent clicks on this template should not be redirected.
  • letter: For use in addition to the number. Some headwords within the thesaurus have letters suffixed to the number (e.g. "216A. perpendicularity"). Entering the letter in this parameter will provide a more direct link.
  • searchtype is deprecated. Older instances of this template may contain this parameter but it is no longer relevant to the Project Gutenberg links.

Used with no parameters, it will create a link to the landing page on Project Gutenberg.


{{R:Roget 1911|hardness}}

hardness” in Roget's Thesaurus, T. Y. Crowell Co., 1911.

A link to Project Gutenberg. The headword "hardness" only affects the link's appearance.
{{R:Roget 1911|hardness|number=323}}
{{R:Roget 1911|hardness|323}}

323. hardness” in Roget's Thesaurus, T. Y. Crowell Co., 1911.

As above. The addition of a number creates a direct link to the headword within the thesaurus.
{{R:Roget 1911|perpendicularity|number=216|letter=a}}

216A. perpendicularity” in Roget's Thesaurus, T. Y. Crowell Co., 1911.

As above, using the letter parameter. (Without the letter parameter this would link to "216. parallelism").


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