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R:SAOL in Svenska Akademiens Ordlista över svenska språket (13th ed., online)

Use {{R:SAOL|räksmörgås}} to link to a word in the current online 13th edition of Svenska Akademiens Ordlista, the official handbook spelling dictionary for Swedish. The page name is used as a default parameter.

For words containing åäö and accented letters (àé), the current SAOL implementation expects ISO 8859-1 in the URL encoding, which the parser function urlencode doesn't support. If just one argument is passed to R:SAOL, the link might be one or two pages off. To compensate this, supply a second parameter where å = %e5, ä = %e4, ö = %f6, à = %e0, é = %e9, e.g. {{R:SAOL|skälva|sk%e4lva}}

See also[edit]

  • The 6th (1889) and 8th editions (1923) of SAOL can be linked with {{R:runeberg.org}}