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Petrosean, H. Matatʿeay V. (1879), “R:xcl:Bedr”, in Nor Baṙagirkʿ Hay-Angliarēn [New Dictionary Armenian–English], Venice: S. Lazarus Armenian Academy


Use this template to reference the subject dictionary under the ===References=== header. An external link to the dictionary's scan hosted on the website Nayiri will be automatically generated: http://www.nayiri.com/imagedDictionaryBrowser.jsp?dictionaryId=16.


The headword in the dictionary. If omitted, the PAGENAME will be used by default. It is impossible to use two or more headwords. Instead, repeat the whole reference.
page= or pages=
The page number or range of page numbers referred to.
For additional headwords in the appendices at the end of the dictionary. Use index=2 for the Appendix of Personal Names and index=3 for the Appendix of Geographic and Historical Names. The number refers to the "Ցուցակ" number in Nayiri.