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Alternative form of term

This template is to be put in definition lines of alternative forms.



Positional (unnamed) parameters:

  • |1= (required) The entry to link to.
  • |2= (optional) The text to be shown in the link to the entry. If empty or omitted, the entry specified by the first parameter will be used.
  • |3= (optional) A gloss.

Named parameters:

  • |tr= (optional) A transliteration.
  • |sc= (optional) The script code. See Wiktionary:Scripts.
  • |lang= (required) The language code. See Wiktionary:Languages.
  • |dot= (optional) A character, or an empty string, to replace the dot.
  • |nodot= (optional) If |nodot=1, then no automatic dot will be shown.
  • |cap= (optional) The lowercase or uppercase version of the first letter.
  • |nocap= (optional) If |nocap=1, then the first letter will be in lowercase.

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