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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:alternative plural of. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

Use this template to show the simple definition for an entry that is the plural inflection of the alternative spelling of a primary entry. (It is preferable to use this template to create a simple alternative-spelling plural article such as kilometres rather than a redirect: the simple article can later be expanded with the alternative's specifics, such as etymology or quotations.)


Positional (unnamed) parameters:

  • |1= (required) The singular form of the entry for which this is a plural term (i.e., the singular form of the alternative spelling).
  • |2= (required) The plural form of which this is itself an alternative spelling.

Named parameter:


# {{alternative plural of|kilometre|kilometers}}

will yield:

  1. plural of kilometre (alternative form of kilometers).