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This template is used to create manual declension tables for Belarusian singular-only nouns.



which produces

The template has 6 required parameters, as shown:


A seventh parameter, the vocative singular, can optionally be included.

Multiple comma-separated forms can be specified in a single parameter and will be linked correctly. Use - to indicate that a form is missing. Footnote symbols, e.g. numbers and *, can be appended to a form, and will automatically be superscripted and moved outside the link. To specify the footnote(s), use |footnote=, |footnote2=, etc. A footnote symbol at the beginning of the text of these parameters will automatically be superscripted. Additional parameters are |title= to override the title and |unknown_stress=1 to indicate that the stress position is unknown. (If this is specified, forms with missing stresses are allowed. Otherwise, they will trigger an error.)

Accelerators are automatically added if used in the mainspace.