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Mutated form of [[{{{1}}}#Breton|{{{1}}}]].


This template is only to be used for Breton mutated nouns. It take the following parameters

  • {{{1}}} (first unnamed parameter): the Breton term to be linked to; the unmutated form. No default; mandatory
  • {{{2}}} (second unnamed parameter): an alternative display for {{{1}}}. Default {{{1}}}
  • pl: when pl=yes is specific, the template displays Mutated plural form of instead of Mutated form of. No default; optional
  • nocat: Use nocat=1 to prevent any categorization. No default, optional
  • sort: sort key for categories (see below). Default is {{PAGENAME}}
  • proper: Use proper=1 change form Category:Breton mutated nouns to Category:Breton mutated proper nouns. Default is Category:Breton mutated nouns

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