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{{{1}}} of {{{2}}}


This is the most general of the Catalan “form of” templates. It can be used to apply the correct styling of the definition line, based on each user’s monobook.css file, to any description as the first parameter.

{{ca-form of|alternative form|word}}
alternative form of word
{{ca-form of|alternative form|word|link name}}
alternative form of link name

This template is similar to {{form of}} except that the lang parameter has been hard coded as Catalan and the sc, tr, and alt parameters are not supported as they aren't needed for Catalan entries.

In cases where the IVL standard for Valencian has a different spelling from the IEC standard for Catalan in the root word, but the form is the same in both, the val and val2 parameters can be used for the Valencian form and a link name for that form respectively.

{{ca-form of|alternative form|català|val=valencià}}
alternative form of català (Valencian: valencià)
{{ca-form of|alternative form|català|link name|val=valencià|val2=valencià link name}}
alternative form of link name (Valencian: valencià link name)