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Used to link to one of the 214 categories Radical ###-0 on Wikimedia Commons, primarely intended for the 214 pages "Index:Chinese radical/米".

The template takes one mandatory unnamed parameter: ### stands for a number between 1 and 214 (the default value for ### is 001) with or without leading zeroes. Example: {{commonsrad|34}}


At Commons, each Chinese radical (and each other glyph) category has a direct link to the character entry at English Wiktionary, where it is well explained. The back link from each Wiktionary radikal index page to its equivalent Commons category eases the browsing of Chinese characters.
The inherent display of the radical number is an additional help because it is not yet mentioned by the "Index:Chinese radical/米" articles.


At the moment only the 214 radical index pages are provided with that link. It is nevertheless possible to link also other characters to the Commons this way, by specifying the number of additional strokes, copied fom the “Han character” description, with a 2nd parameter.
Example: {{commonsrad|30|18}} at looks like



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