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cs-noun ?

This used to be Template:cs-decl-noun. Please, for entering Czech declensions, use cs-decl-noun instead of cs-noun. A more detailed documentation of this template is pending; this template is basically the Czech variant of Template:en-noun, currently featuring the gender parameter.


  • {{cs-noun|g=m}}
  • {{cs-noun|g=m-in}}
  • {{cs-noun|g=f-p}}
  • {{cs-noun|g=f|head=[[černá]] [[díra]]}}
  • g= -- gender; for animate/inanimate, you can use m-an or m-in; for plural, use e.g. f-p.
  • head= -- headword; useful for entering links to the component words


The planned future extension of this template is in the direction of that model template. Specifically, declensions are out of scope of this template, dealt with in Template:cs-decl-noun and the likes.

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